Please know that I am still a girl: A Dream Job entry

I am not your average, uninterested woman in basketball. I do not whine when I am asked by my brother not to switch channels when a game goes into overtime and I do not paint my nails when Mark Caguioa goes for that acrobatic lay-up to win the game.

Now that we are clear on my not being a whiny woman during a ball game, you can probably conclude that I do not hate basketball. It is more than that. I LOVE BASKETBALL. It started out during my elementary years when my adorable father would always watch a PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) game after a tiring day at work. Being the daddy’s girl that I am, I patiently endured hours and hours of seeing muscled men run after a little orange ball. After so much practice, both in sitting down quietly and watching games, I slowly learned the intricacies of the game. The terms, players, coaches, schedules and hey, even trade rumors!! I fell in love with the sport so much that not only did I made them part of my life, I also wanted myself to be a part of it’s life too.

Enter my dream job. I want to host a 30 minute basketball show, be a regular PBA courtside reporter and to write a weekly basketball column. Pretty much what the pretty and smart Jessica Mendoza is doing.


(photo from fhm.com.ph)

I auditioned in 2011 for a courtside spot in the UAAP. I was called back a couple of times but was cut out during the final round. Sadly, that would be my first and last audition due to age limit. But no hope is gone. As of present, I continue to watch more basketball games to better know the nitty gritty or to at least achieve a Mico Halili level of basketball thinking. (Or not. FYI: THE Mico Halili is basketball analyst emeritus and Editor at Large of Slam Online Philippines)

So what about you? What is your dream job?

A new friend of mine, (and a blogging partner at that) Jess, has a very interesting take on what her dream job is. Read on and find out what she really meant when she said it would sound weird if she said her dream job is to be a sister.

Note: This is an entry for Arriane’s (the amazing woman with the amazing levitation skills) blogging challenge. 🙂


Lessons Learned: The Jessica Pelagio 2012 Edition

If I could offer you one tip for the future, going after what you want would be it. Some people will tell you that changing careers is absurd. Do not listen to them. If the move will give you peace and happiness, go for it. The more time you spend in the wrong job, the less time you have for the right job.


There is politics in every work environment. People will judge and people will talk. Focus on doing an excellent job. Submit reports on time. Finish your readings. Jot down observations. Be up on your toes. Always challenge yourself to be a better.

Keep your oldest friends closer. They loved you when you still had unruly eyebrows, bad taste in boys and naked from all titles and achievements. They will keep you grounded.



(topmost picture: Stela, whom I fondly call Tween, in one of our many dates April 2012; Boracay with best buddies Timmy and Grace with Ramon Bautista May 2012)

If Plan A does not work out, remember that there are 25 letters left.

New friendships will blossom. Be silly together. Pose like true jejemons in a public place. Share job related woes then promise that you will both help each other no mater what (if done while devouring a Yellow Cab pizza and nacho chips, better). Go on dates and share secrets. Laugh. Go shopping. Cherish the relationship.



(goofing and posing like true jejemons with co-teacher and winner of this year’s Sympathetic Ear Award 2012 JC Edition, Celene; October and December 2012)

Choose your battles. Not every situation should be given too much thinking and energy.

Brace yourself for disappointments. It is part of life. And there will be many.

Fangirl-ing is not a crime. Go ahead and do it. Tweet your favorite basketball boys after the game. Better yet, flood them with tweets (okay not flood but shower them with enough tweets) telling them how awesome that acrobatic lay-up was or how your jaw dropped with that windmill reverse. Watch a basketball game live whenever you can. Shout and throw fist pumps in the air. For a better cheering experience, here is a tip: stand, clap, jump and shout ALL AT THE SAME TIME. It is liberating.

Ask for photo opportunities. Do not be shy. People are nice as long as you ask nicely. Smile. 🙂


(Chris Ellis, everyone. Photo taken after watching a Smart Gilas tune up game vs Kuwait. August 2012)

Image(We were Jasonified! With wedding videographer emeritus Jason Magbanua, January 2012)


(Jimmy Alapag, May 2012)


(DJ Suzy of Magic 89.9, November 2012)


(Bianca Gonzalez, February 2012)

Take your vitamins. Get more than 5 hours of sleep a day. Health is wealth.

Girl, dab some color on your cheeks. Avoid looking like it’s Halloween everyday. A little color will not hurt. Go on, go on.

Be open to new experiences. You will gain, not lose. Besides, you will never know that you can if you do not give it a try. It is perfectly okay to feel afraid. Fear reminds you that you are on to something important.


Enjoy being single. Have fun and flirt. Stop being a hermit and go out more often. Meet new people. Wear skirts once in a while. Let your hair loose. Smile.

Laugh a lot, especially at your failures.


Declutter. Just do it. Be it your desk, closet or life (why not?). Sort out what you need and what you don’t. The less baggage, the better.


Be thankful. You are blessed and you know it. Show gratitude.


And trust me on the going after what you want.

(Photos without caption are from tumblr.com)


Photo dumping-July and August

Sun was finally out after almost two weeks of heavy rains. Good Morning from Katipunan!

Say hello to my cut out brogues. Pic taken during a Montessori seminar at Makati.

Delicious cupcakes from Pipino Veg. Love, love their take on Red Velvet and Green Tea.  You must try it!!

From an amazing fairy crafter Lorra, who gave this as part of my Bandit notebook package 🙂

Lame attempt to channel my watercolor skills. Watcha think?

White Hat yogurt with kiwi and granola. Yummmmm!!!

Our classroom on an early Monday morning. Spic and span.

Just random photos. Happy Monday! 🙂


Do more of what makes you happy



Last night, a friend was asking for an advice about changing careers. You see, ever since my friends knew that I shifted careers, they have been coming to me for enlightenment. I take it as a compliment (thinking that what I did was a brave, bold step) and it somehow validates my theory that most nurses were just forced to take up nursing and ends up not liking what they are doing. (oops! but yes, it’s true)

The piece of advice I gave her was this: If you are unhappy, get out of it and find your real passion.

Here’s my story:

I felt unhappy with nursing. It was a totally different thing to study concepts and disease processes and to render actual nursing care to patients. I made mistakes and lost confidence. I tried really hard to improve on my skills but it seemed futile in the end. I may sound like a weakling but I was really unhappy. Until it dawned on me that perhaps I am meant to do something else. I do not exactly know what but there must be something else if nursing was not for me. Just that thought gave me hope.

Hmm…I love kids and teaching so why not teach preschool?

Problem is.. I am not an education graduate. What kind of school would hire a registered nurse to teach toddlers? This is where the brave component of the story enters: I DON’T KNOW WHAT CAN HAPPEN BUT PRODDED BY MY DESIRE TO DO WHAT WILL MAKE ME HAPPY, I JUST TOOK THE PLUNGE. I am ready to leave behind a course that I worked hard for years to an uncertain calling. I had to address issues with my parents too. And believe me when I say it was not easy. At this point, I lost hope. I was so ready to back out. But I thought.. “Do I want to be miserable for the rest of my life?”. My answer was definitely NO.

Teaching is a whole new territory. Reports, art activities, dance rehearsals and faculty meetings. Things I have to learn from scratch! So how does it differ from jotting down patient observations or calculating IV equations? I AM HAPPIER 🙂 And it makes all the difference. It does not matter how many reports I have to make or art activities to prepare for. The happiness makes everything bearable.

I am not saying that nursing sucks for everyone. I am saying it was not the right career for me. Neither do I say that I am the best teacher. I still learning the ropes and trying to make myself better. What I am saying is that DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY and WHAT MAKES YOU STRIVE TO BE BETTER. Pray for guidance and strength and believe in the power of dreams.

Happiness is indeed a choice.


Watercolor Crafternoon

Last Saturday, amidst my hectic schedule, I found time to attend Alessa Lanot’s Watercolor Crafternoon session at Pipino. It was my first time to attend an arts and crafts related class so I was both excited and nervous! 

Here is the sign that greets us by the huge corkboard inside Pipino Veg! 🙂 Isn’t it pretty? Alessa personally made this. I swear… her hands are made of watercolor and calligraphy awesomeness!

The Watercolor Crafternoon session is not a formal workshop but more of a dorky hang out of people who wants to learn more about crafts. Lately, I have been extremely interested in making anything crafty or artsy. I bought washi tapes a month ago (that are still sleeping soundly in my pencil case) that I have yet to explore. I am on the look out for arts and crafts fair in search for cute stuff that I can also probably do. Hence, I decided to attend. Not too late to learn.

Alessa taught us the basics of watercolor which includes the materials needed and the different washes and strokes. She later on provided us with an activity that can let us have a feel of our paintbrushes and to channel our ehem, creative juices. And boy, it was no picnic!! Controlling the paintbrush takes so much effort. I was practically guiding my right hand with my left hand to make sure lines and curves are perfect! Take a look at my work! What can you say? 🙂

I am seated with Jamie, who happens to be a young creative consultant, blogger and photographer. She paints quite well so nakakahiya naman yung mala-kinder kong watercolor painting. Hahahaha! She was really nice, letting me borrow her extra brushes and pencils. We even shared cupcakes while painting. Thanks Jamie! Here’s our table in the process of learning.

And today, since classes were suspended, I decided to give watercolor a try at home. I love patterns so that’s what I decided to paint. Look, look!

And here is my adorable attempt to cheer up my close friend through my watercolor skills. Hello Stella! Naks! 🙂

Watcha think?


Geekery #1: Notebooks

I have a thing for to do lists and reminders. Not that I forget them, it’s just that I feel more organized when I jot them down.

The first notebook is from good old Papemelroti. It serves as my ‘ideas’ notebook. When you are a Montessori preschool teacher, you find ideas even at the oddest situations and places so a trusty notebook should be on hand. It’s made of brown recycled paper. It pairs well with my favorite Faber Castell pen too. A match made in paper heaven! 🙂

This wonderfully made owl notebook is from Stars from Dreams by Lorra Angbue-Te. I love owls. I collect anything uhm, owly! This owl notebook is a first in my collection. Bandit (yes it has a name) serves as my ‘expenses’ notebook. I have bills to pay. Gone are the days when there is allowance replenished by dad. Every cent of my salary goes to a particular necessity. Naks! I sound like a responsible adult! Hahaha! But seriously, if I don’t keep track of my expenses… Poof! Wala na in a matter of days. Plus, a girl has to learn to save right?

Alongside these two notebooks, I have a stack of notepads of all sizes and colors plus post its! I swear, you can never have too many paper!


The box with a name

This makes things official. My name ceremoniously plastered on a karton box. A school karton box. Cute right? Chose polka dots design because I have no choice! Hahahaha! It’s the only thing I can find in the internet. Not complaining. Believe me. For a non-artsy person, anything near to artsy is heaven sent. I guess, I just want to present my art dumbness.


Reunited on a Friday

Fun Friday night with grade school classmates at Katipunan. This is our fourth attempt for a reunion and sadly, it’s always been a measly count of ten (eleven being the highest number of attendees). Not that I’m complaining about the same faces I see but it would be great to see other classmates too.

Nonetheless, it’s ALWAYS  a blast during GS reunions especially with people who makes sure there is enough alcohol and funny stories for everyone. 🙂


It remains

Board of Senior Students (BOSS) dinner

Had a wonderful dinner at Ling Nam earlier with my dearest BOSS mates. These are the people I spent sleepless and stressful nights with during the latter part of my senior year in college. So good memories. I am humbled and blessed to work with them. Funny that even up to now, we share the same sentiments over things! This time about early adulthood stuff (career, relationships etc). Atleast lumevel up ang topics, hindi na petty quarrels over food and movie choice. Hahaha I love you BOSSings!

Game 1 PBA Semifinals Ginebra vs BMeg with Stella

Stella is my closest high school friend. We’ve been meeting up often lately and last, last week it was our first basketball date. Yehey for a first! For the record, I think only Stella can tolerate my quirky cheering habit of standing while clapping and shouting combo without getting irked or embarrassed that I’m with her. Hahahaha! So here, thanks Tween. Always an awesome time with you!

 Friendship remains. One of the best things in life that we can all hold on to.


Daydream: Humble Abode

They say daydreaming is good (and free!) The more you daydream, the higher the chances it (whatever you’re daydreaming about) can come true. This Tuesday afternoon, I daydreamed about my future house. Ohh..what a lovely dream!


(All pictures are from apartmenttherapy.com)

BEDROOM Seating in a bedroom is my idea of quietness. I love how the couch is delicately placed at the foot of the bed and how the print (green leaves) is in contrast with the crisp cream-colored and ethnic throw pillows. I give importance in finding your own nook in your bedroom, no matter how small or big. At the end of the day, this is where you can gather your thoughts and be at peace. Notice the stripes flooring and bedside wooden cabinets. Makes such a clean look.

Just because my favorite part of the house is the bedroom, here’s another one.

A Bohemian, hippie chic bedroom is always nice to look and (sleep at). I have an inclination towards bright, happy colors. I love how the neutral wall gives the bright colors enough room to pop. Take note of the windows, too. I love rooms where Mr. Sun can greet you all day long. I hate turning on the light during daytime. It feels more refreshing with the sunlight passing through your windows, serving as your light bulb. Everything in this room screams good vibe.

LIVING ROOM When I saw this, my family came into my mind. For a family as big as ours, we need a living room that gives us enough room for moving around. This set-up gives just that. I love the fluffy and spacious couch. The space in the center can be used as extra seats while the lone chair at the right is perfect for Papa who tends to zone out during movie time (unless it’s an action/war movie). Notice the black lamp strategically placed at the other end of the couch. It looks chic and will you give the lighting you need in case you want to read a book or a dramatic effect if you want to meditate or listen to music.

DINING ROOM  A bench is in order to avoid squeezing the chairs when trying to accommodate visitors. Plus, it will give more space and add a bit of farm style vibe. There is something about dining chairs with a wooden bench. I guess it avoids the matchy matchy look and gives off a unique touch.

BATHROOM I guess for most people, the general criteria that makes a good bathroom is CLEANLINESS. The bathroom above looks old school. It reminds me of those movies set in the ghettos. This will work best for small families but to some extent, a huge family may also do well with this. Look at how well-kept it is. No unnecessary clutter on the sink and no plungers unceremoniously placed on the side or back of the toilet bowl. A bath tub in a small space? Extra bathroom points. The only wrong thing I see is the weighing scale resting under the sink. Masisira ang araw ko pag makita ko ang weight ko every morning. Hahaha! 

PLAYROOM Not really an essential part of the house, but since I grew up having one, I would like to pass it on to my future . The playroom is the perfect place for sibling bonding. Kids can help each other with their homework or projects, share stories of how their day went or just play. This will help them learn how to share and communicate better. Speaking of sharing, look at this:

A little bit of sharing.. When we were little, my parents bought double decks instead of single beds. They believed that sharing a room with a brother or a sister will strengthen sibling bond, learn the act of sharing and have a real grasp of being responsible (fixing our own bed, folding our own clothes neatly, decluttering our own space etc).


 And yes, it all starts with a dream.

Let us keep dreaming!


A sweet goodbye

What a pleasant surprise!

I am training as a preschool teacher for almost two months. Two months of being surrounded with bright, cute kids. Two months of earning their trust. Two months of sharing moments. Two months, such a short time and yet, I was appreciated.

I am extremely touched and humbled. I feel like I don’t deserve it (appreciation from my student) but God must have probably worked his own magic.  This speaks not of my talent to communicate with kids but mostly of God’s wisdom. He knows I can make a difference through teaching and He wants me to be aware of it.

This inspired me all the more to strive harder. To become better. To not give up.

In case you’re curious, Millie is a sweet, smart girl. She talks with so much sense making her a joy to share stories with. Her dad or mom would pick her up late so we bond over paper airplanes or games. She just graduated. I will surely miss her. Hugs and all.

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to teach!


Happy Moment

A happy moment.

My brother graduated from college last week. And we could not have been any prouder! You see, he has not been the best student during his first two years in college. My parents were actually worried that he might not graduate on time. Fortunately, in his last two years, he started to be more involved with his studies, spearheading thesis and marketing presentations. Almost every week, he wowed us with awards or a high grade. The most recent and best of which is making it to the top ten of the Registered Marketing Professional Exam where he bagged 6th place! That is quite a feat huh?

We’re proud of you, marketing boy! The corporate world is waiting for you.

(This is not a sponsored post. Showered my brother with so many praises because 1) I am honest 2) he might read this post , be extremely touched and will keep me in mind once he receives his first salary)


Fangirl-ing: Jimmy Alapag

To say he is THE NICEST is an understatement.

Despite coming from a tough loss that night against my team, Talk N’ Text lead point guard Jimmy Alapag welcomed EVERY SINGLE person who came up to him for an autograph or a photo opportunity. With a smile, with a warm, sincere “you’re welcome”.  He was genuinely nice.

Here’s the bomb: That night, I think he went past Caguioa’s rank in my list of favorite PBA players.

Laugh all you can but I think even my cheek muscles felt Jimmy. Now that is a normal smile!


Ehem, Stage Ate


Congratulations to my brother (right most picture: Gabriel Pelagio) for making it to the Top 10 of the Registered Marketing Professional Examination (RMP). This came as a surprise for my parents since they barely see him studying or even scanning his notes. But for me, it came as a result. The result of knowing what he wanted to do and planning ways to better himself.

In a matter of days, you will be holding in your hands your college diploma. You’ve earned it, fair and square. As you enter the early adulthood challenge of working, I have nothing but well wishes for your corporate career. Continue making us proud!

P.S. I can use more shoes (just in case, you’re already thinking of what to give me with your first salary)


I leaped: The February 29 story

Let me break my non blogging streak with this post.



It is an open book that I admire Bianca Gonzalez so much. The funny thing is, I don’t even know how my fondness for her started! She just started to appear everywhere (magazine covers, commercials, television shows) and soon enough, I just liked her. Later on, as I got to know more about her through magazine and newspaper features, I realized that her story resonated mine. (Well, at least about the part of growing up being bullied because of dark complexion)

From then on, she never stopped in giving me reasons to love her! She started to host several television programs (which I also love doing as in parties and events), she has a strong advocacy for education (which I also think is really really important), she writes well (where I am struggling but still tries to) and she is dating a basketball player (well, which I wish can happen hahahaha)

And when I finally got the chance to meet her last Wednesday, God made it clear that this girl will never EVER stop in making me love her until I can blurt out “I want to marry Bianca Gonzalez!” Hahahahaha!

I have always envisioned meeting Bianca in a formal setting. Maybe in a restaurant where I can raise some questions and talk about fashion and beauty. I am looking pretty decent, complete with blow dried hair and natural, light make-up. I would not stutter nor smile awkwardly in our pictures.

But you can daydream all you want about meeting your super icon in life, but NOTHING can prepare you for the real moment. As in nothing. None of the things I mentioned above happened in our real life encounter.

My hair looked like it needs some loving. The supposedly ‘light make-up’ was erased by sweat. At one point, I did not come across too clear. I smiled awkwardly. Wore the wrong top. (the one I wore showed my flabby arms) Was not able to ask some questions. (starstruck) Not in a restaurant.

Good thing that Bianca was such a darling! With every word and gesture, gone are the things that I thought will make the encounter a disaster! There was never a second that I felt intimidated next to her. Surprisingly, it felt like I was talking to a friend. She was game in signing the two magazines I bought, even using her own marker and taking time in writing me a message on a page. She even joked that she got kilig with my name JC, which you can all guess why.

 Bianca gamely signing my “memorabilias” while the plump fan looks over with so much delight!

Bianca signed my ultimate favorite magazine cover of hers: Women’s Health Philippines June 2010

And her November 2004 Meg cover, too!

I didn’t keep her for too long so after some chatting, I said goodbye. Just like a friend, she gave me a beso with a mini-hug. (I want to cry!! But managed to control the tears) I stepped inside their office’s posh elevator and just when I was about to jump manically to release the excitement, she waved and said “Bye!”

Until now, I cannot stop raving about the encounter! This will surely top my year’s highlights. (I am kinikilig pariiiiinnn!!!!)

*Special thanks to Zanti Jimenez for making this possible. I owe you so much.

 *This post also debuts my short hair. I swear, it looks much better in person. I am loving it!!


A Friendly Valentines Reminder

In the first Sex and the City movie, I remember the break up line that Samantha Jones, a strong woman who rarely commits in a life of monogamy, told her then long time boyfriend. Despite being together for quite a number of years, she said that she’s been in a relationship with herself for 49 years and that’s what she needs to work on.

Singles are saying yes to the greatest relationship of all time. It’s a yes to themselves (me included). We are in the point of our lives where we are enriching ourselves for future (romantic and platonic) relationships.

My past relationship taught me this one valuable lesson I will forever keep in handy: Love is not about completing each other. Rather, it is about complementing each other which is hard to do if you start with a self with so many holes to fill in. Be in a relationship that lets you become a happier version of yourself. A relationship is less of the single activities and more of the what the single person becomes.

You don’t have to be in a relationship to be happy. You can be happy every single day of your life. And here’s a good news: you can start today!

Let’s all have an awesome Valentines! 🙂


I love you, Papa

Say hello to my dearest Papa! 🙂 This may be an unflattering photo of us during last, last year’s Christmas Eve (Papa looking drunk, me with matching tilting of the head) but it’s a special one. Well, every picture with my dad is special. This stands out I guess because you can really see our resemblance. The brown skin, the nose (which has history) and even the same taste in music (which cannot be seen in the photo)

I have always been a daddy’s girl. And I always will be. (Do I sound like I’m getting married? Hahaha!) I guess, all I’m saying is that I love you, Papa 🙂


Brain Wracking

Recently, I found myself drowned in decision-making ocean. Not a lake nor a river, an ocean. This week, just when I thought things are starting to look up, I was confronted with decisions. I am in deep wishing that it was as easy as choosing between a red velvet cupcake and dulce de leche cake for dessert, but no, it wasn’t.

Decisions prove to be the hardest to make especially when it’s a choice between where you should be and where you really wanted to be.

I haven’t had a serious talk with myself probably because my mind is still crowded with too much issues. There are just so many things and people to consider and the pressure of coming up with a final decision overnight isn’t helping in the process.

Help me Lord.


Kai and Cy: A Bora Hop Wedding

This is my another favorite! The wedding, although set in a familiar place, was uncommon. According to the description, the wedding day activities (starting from the breakfast until the post wedding party) happened in different places! Hence, the title. As in they literally hopped from one place to the other. It was much of an adventure than a wedding. How unique!

From Sir Jason himself, this is the first time he was asked to speak at the reception dinner. Sa akin lang ha, dapat lang yun! Sa kasal ko, pagsasalitain ko rin siya of course! Hahaha! (And of course, I just had to say that HE WILL BE COVERING MY WEDDING)

Enjoy! 🙂


Cay and Melvin SDE

I am still on a Jason Magbanua high. In line with that thought, I am posting this video of couple Cay and Melvin. This video became a viral tumblr hit late last year. I suppose their love story resonated with most students, that’s why.

This is also a Same Day Edit (SDE) video. Let me school you on this one. Same Day Edit is the centerpiece of Jason Magbanua videos. The footage of the preparation and the ceremony is lovingly weaved into a one song highlights video shown during the reception dinner. You instantly get a look back on what transpired that day, which is pretty amazing. Gone are the days when you have to wait for months before getting the final edited version. Pretty cool huh?

Enjoy! 🙂


We are Jasonified!

He makes me swoon. He makes me cry. He makes me believe that there is one true love. And, he made me (and Kate) drive all the way from Katipunan to Makati. But no, I am not talking about a loverboy. He is internationally acclaimed wedding videographer Jason Magbanua.

Our love affair started in 2009. I chanced upon his wedding videos in Facebook. I was even hesitant to watch since wedding videos tend to be quite boring. There must have been some magic dust somewhere that I happened to inhale because I watched it and I fell in love! His videos has rich imagery, seamless storytelling and well thought scoring. He captures the natural, candid moments of the wedding. He doesn’t get in the way nor directs events, but rather he waits for it to unfold. The videos even gave me the feeling that I want to get married as soon as possible (uhmm..) and that another requirement is added to the list of my What to Look For In a Soon-to-be-Husband: can afford Jason Magbanua. Hahaha! I told Kate that the dream of a bride is not be a glowing bride on her wedding day, but to have Jason Magbanua as a wedding videographer. (Atleast for me; but yeah, can be both!) Now, if that is not enough proof of his awesomeness, well here’s another one. Brides move their wedding dates just to fit-in in his crazy shooting schedule. O diba? Ganun siya kagaling. Indeed, his creations are something that you (and your children) will rave about for years to come. (Sir Jason, I just heard that video heaven saved you a slot:)

And today, I got the chance to meet him personally in his newly built office in Makati. I was called in for an interview (which by the way turned out as a friendly getting to know conversation) in the afternoon. I came with Kate (a close friend, member of Jason Magbanua Fans Club) who I met up with two hours before the interview time.

And boy, we were both nervous. As soon as we saw each other, we were both having second thoughts. We exchanged opinions until finally, we just decided to give it a go and stay calm. But the more we are nearing Makati, the more that we realize that we should have just stayed in Quezon City. Yes, that’s our nerves acting up. To calm ourselves, we decided to walk around. Delaying tactic ang tawag dun! Hahaha! After one round of brisk walking/muni-muni, we managed to walk to the front door of his office.

We were asked to wait in a meeting room. I felt so honored to seat in the plush chairs. I have a feeling that the room serves as his receiving area for couples who asks for his services. A few minutes after the receptionist called him upstairs, we heard footsteps. I was holding Kate by her elbow, shaking. I closed my eyes for a few seconds and when I opened it, the Jason Magbanua was looking at me, offering his hand. It took me some time before I came back to my senses! Once again, the magic dusts started to dance in the room. Even with the way he talks, he still has that magic. No wonder he became a sought after wedding videographer. Both his videos and personality can kill.

How many times in your life can you meet a prominent wedding videographer?I say, not many times. So while you are at it, make it count! I think we did a good job in hiding our fan girl selves.

On our way home, Kate and I cannot believe what had just happened. We analyzed scene per scene. Hahaha! From the footsteps down to the doorstep. We were both Jasonified and we went home on a Jason Magbanua high. Truly a once in a lifetime experience. 🙂

On our Rockwell experience:

The perfect week-ender! Let’s all have an awesome weekend! 🙂


Bits of Yesterday

The past week gave me a chance to catch up with close friends after so many years. With our own life ahead of us, it really is hard to squeeze in a few hours of bonding. What make the dates more special is that it is years in the making! I kid you not. So for the dates to finally happen, SUCCESS!

Stella is my closest high school friend. (Naks!) We never saw each other after high school graduation not until our early dinner meet (which was last Friday). I AM SERIOUS.  Despite of that, we maintained an above average level of friendship. She was with me when I had my first heartbreak. She was with me during the aftermath of the heartbreak (when I had the most tendency to break down and rant all day). She was with me when I need to vent out pent-up disappointments and worries about life. She’s basically with me EVERYDAY! (yun nga lang virtually but just the same kasama ko siya. period)

We fondly call each other Tween. The history can be traced back in high school. We are teased occasionally (take note: minsan minsan lang, meaning di pa ako ganun kataba noon) as the plump ones. But as evidenced in the photo above, I think we have to drop the term of endearment. Hindi na totoo e. Hahahaha! She lost so much weight while I gained bajillion pounds. On a serious note, buti nalang at weight lang ang nag change sa aming dalawa.. dahil yung connection namin andun parin. Nothing has changed a bit. I love you, Tween!

On the same day, I also met up with my dear college duty mates. It has been two years since we last saw each other. I missed them so much! 🙂 What can I say, ang gguwapo at magaganda parin kami! Hahaha!

Looking at our group picture, I couldn’t help but get emotional. These are the people who kept me sane in college. I shared some of the best moments of my life with these crazy bunch of weirdos. (Natatawa na ako, naiisip ko palang!) On my way home, I realized that maybe God allowed me to take up nursing (you all know my story) because He wants me to meet these people. He knows that these guys will do me good. Pinadaan nya ako sa nursing kasi alam niyang kailangan ko mameet ang mga taong ‘to. 🙂  I love you, H1!

Make time for your friends. Have an awesome week ahead!! 🙂


The Bra Code

The first time I heard about the Bro Code was when the awesome and legen.. (wait for it) ..dary Barney Stinson mentioned it in one of the episodes of How I Met Your Mother. The Bro Code contains the ridiculous rules of life. But as Barney himself attests “Living by this code will change your life”. Granted, you can end up sad and lonely next Christmas but definitely you’ll be as cool as Barney Stinson. (Suit required)

It was so funny (well Barney is ALWAYS funny) and I was thinking if there was any Girl Code (that’s what we call our girlfriends right? hahaha). Hence, it became my month long mission to search for the Girl Code. I was almost close in making one, when I finally found it! It is hidden in one of my newest blog finds, senorica.wordpress.com by the amazing writer Rica Facundo! (I asked Google and apparently, there are several Girl Codes in the world. But I will still stick with the local version)

It is entitled The Bra Code which makes perfect sense! In Filipino, to denote gender difference we use O and A. (O for male, A for female e.g. tindero-tindera) Diba? Tsaka mas unique! (All together let us make this our new terms of girlfriendship. “Uy bra ano chika mo?” Hahahaha! ) For all the ladies out there, read on! (You may have something to add on the list. Feel free to tweet, DM, PM or email me:) Have fun!

Author’s permission was asked prior to the posting of The Bra Code


Every girl needs a bra for support. But sometimes when bros get in the way, it is possible for the clasp to get unhooked which is a no, no in the unspoken law of the bra. So to prevent any indecent exposure, we, Kinky Keena, Dirty Jerene and Spicy Rix bring you the BRA CODE – a set of friendly reminders to keep your bras… and everything else in place.

1. Bras before bros

The bond between two bras is stronger than the bond between a bro and a bra because, on average, bras are just better. That’s just common sense.

2. No swooping.

If a bra is romantically linked with the bro he is off limits. No ifs, ands or BUTTS

3. When a bra gets dumped, all her chicks are obligated to hate him

4. When a bra is having a crisis ie.her bro is being an ass, her bras must bring the ff: ice cream, chocolate, & a bottle of wine.

5. No homie hopping .

In a group of bro/bra friends, unless the bra has genuine intent, hookups are not allowed with more than two. If this happens, then the said bra should not feel offended if she’s called a slut.

6. The bitch law

In the event of an unwanted suitor a bra must give the cold shoulder for a span of at least  1 week. If clinger persists she must resort to drastic measures which may include coming off as a bitch. The bro had it coming. Tell it how it is bra!

7. You’re not allowed to have any kind of rendezvous with your brafriend’s ex-brofriend

Corollary: there’s a stipulated time frame. Half of however long they were together .


8.  Does size matter?

We say it’s not about the size of the wave but the motion of the ocean.*but really, it’s about the size.

9. A bra should try her best to hook up her brafriends with her older brothers.

Corollary: if they’re not hot, disregard this rule.

10. Never call your bro a dude unless you want to piss him off or put him in the friend zone

11.  Every bra should have 1 gay friend

12. When it comes to height a bra must always be looking up not down

Corollary: unless something else is looking up at you.

13. When a fellow bra is in the presence of a douchebag, the wingbra should make every effort to take her away from said douchebag

14. In the event that the bra wants a boyfriend he must first seek the approval of the bras.

* Note bringing chocolates and wine will increase the bros chances

15. When checking out bros don’t get caught basket shopping. (meaning: slang for gathering an idea of how large a man’s penis is by looking at his “package” underneath his pants

16. Simultaneous dibs are allowed but once a dib is reciprocated the other bras are obligated to back off.

17. When a bra has a brofriend she makes said bro watch a chickflick with her. If not, dump his ass for not being man enough. 

18. If a bra needs a night out all her bras are single for the night just as long as they don’t do anything promiscuous.

19.Bras should share everything except for their boyfriend.

20.The most important rule is from one of the classiest bras of all time, Marilyn Monroe:

“I am good,  but not an angel. But I do sin but I am not the devil. I’m just a small bra in a big world trying to find someone to love. “


Starbucks and Cargo Containers?

Starbucks is everywhere. And now, not only can it be found in almost every nook and cranny of the world, it is now also made up of shipping containers!

This one of a kind, drive-thru Starbucks coffee outlet is located in Tukwila, Washington. It is made up of four modified shipping containers. This is the company’s first foray in shipping containers construction. According to spokesman Alan Hilowitz, he described the Tukwila store as another step in fulfilling Starbucks’ core mission — providing a gathering place for communities, using Starbucks’ scale “for good,” and reducing the corporation’s carbon footprint — while also recycling “the same kind of shipping containers that transport our coffees and teas around the world.”

This is not Starbucks only drive-thru outlet, (we have one here at the Fort) but it is rare among its almost 17, 000 stores  worldwide in that it offers no inside seating. The reason behind is that so the outlet can be easily broken down and transport hence ushering more container stores. Awesome!

I wouldn’t mind getting my cup of morning joe from these cargo-containers-turned-Starbucks-outlet! 🙂


the apple of my eye

Say hello to my super cute and adorable baby cousin Noah! He wins by a landslide in the cuteness department, no? (Say no and you can expect me waiting outside your house, huh! So say YES!!) Look at those cheeks! Don’t you just wanna pinch it? Noah has the rosiest cheeks in the universe! I miss him. I used to cuddle him every afternoon before he sleeps. He hugs me tightly when I say “Let’s buy ice cream!!” He grins widely when we play peek a boo. Ahh I miss him so much. If only Riyadh is a jeepney away. Hahaha!

Now, he is a big boy na! He’s carrying his backpack, feeling elementary student na! Still so gwapo!!

My favorite Noah picture! He went to a zoo for their class field trip and Tita says he was so happy seeing the animals! Look at his smile! Look at his eyes! Sooooo cute!! 🙂 I wouldn’t mind running after this ball of energy the whole day!

I love you, Noah! I will see you soon! (maybe later, Skype date?)


My new gooey friends take centerstage!

I am a sucker for all things cute. May it be my own self (ano daw? Kapal muks lang HAHAHAHA feelingera to the nth level), notebooks or necklaces. In short, I am in for all things cute! Presenting my newest pick me upper, the cute couple Tipsy and Ponggo from Googly Gooey!

Aren’t they cute? If only I can get my hands through the monitor and pinch their tummies! So cute and gooey!

Here are some of their cute creations that I/we can relate to. Check it out!

I love this picture to bits and pieces! The message is so simple but partnered with cute creatures and doodles, it makes one hell of a motivational piece!! I particularly love the third photo: reciting THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I don’t recite it though but I write it on any piece of decent paper. Surprisingly, it worked wonders! 🙂 Smile despite the stresses of daily life!

I CAN RELATE TO ALL FIVE SIGNS!! If this is a recorded quiz, I’m the highest and on top of the class! “The highest for this quiz, getting 5 out of 5 is Miss Pelagio! Congratulations, you are now crowned as the Twitter Queen of Infinity. You are exempted from this class so you can tweet away. Hahaha!  The picture moved my  twitter personality.

I am a self confessed twitter addict. I bought my phone for the sole purpose that I can tweet anywhere, anytime. When I wake up in the morning, I check my @mentions even before peeing or brushing my teeth. I cannot end a day without posting anything may it be a shout out to my friends or just to say good night. I am promoting my twitter account on my facebook wall (with the promise na pag finollow nyo ako, gaganda buhay nyo Hahahaha). I am slightly bothered if my followers count went down but happy when it increases. I need to warn my followers that I will bombard their timeline with my game by game updates when I watch a Ginebra game. Lastly, I tweet away.

All tick boxes checked. But seriously, I need to unplug.

Lifting weights can be much more bearable with Adam Levine’s sexy voice in the background. (Uh yes I’ve been trying to be fit). I have this song on repeat mode every single morning.

All the little issues: Facebook Edition

I am sure you can relate to one of those situations. I can totally relate on the second picture  that says “Why did I like this entry? Now I have a gazillion notifications!”.  True story, my friends.

“To all those who bullied JC about her weight, here’s for all of you! Last time I checked, a circle is a shape! So yes, WE BOTH ARE IN SHAPE!”

This little blue gooey friend of mine (name is Ponggo) is the sweetest. Hahahaha!! 🙂

I am proud of my plump body. I feel beautiful in it. Fat doesn’t denote laziness or ugliness. Fat is just like any other adjective. Love your body and believe that you are in shape, ALWAYS! 🙂

I am a subscriber to fact 82: BUBBLE WRAPS ARE THERAPEUTIC 🙂 Let’s pop those ill feelings awaaaaaaay!

This picture can be spelled with two words: J-C 🙂 I have the expert skills of holding my pee (not a healthy habit though) that works on two situations: during a road trip and when watching a movie. I hate leaving when the whole movie is not done. I don’t want to sit in the toilet bowl while listening to the people laughing or crying over a scene I missed. Ihate going back to my seat hearing “San ka galing? Sayang ang lupet ng car scene kanina.” That’s a sad, sad situation.

This picture is hilarious! Raise your hands if this happened to you. Okay, there you go one, two, three, four, five…. amazing! I have a hundred raised hands! Congratulations to us! Hahaha! This picture puts a big grin on my face. Oh God, I suddenly miss my brothers. (alam naaaaa!!!)

My quirky eating preference: burger patty drenched in oil

Visit http://www.googlygooeys.com to know more about Tipsy and Ponggo 🙂 They are worth your time, trust me!

Have an awesome weekend, everyone! 🙂


when we meet, we roar (and take pictures!)

Our over due meet up/catch up session happened today!

Met earlier to have lunch at Charlie’s Burger at Ronac Art Center. Believe me when I say that I didn’t eat dinner when I got home dahil sobraaaaaaang busog ako sa burger, fries at buffalo wings nila!!! 

Black Angus Burger with Buffalo Wings

A closer look at our Black Angus Burger with fries

I am forever proud of my meat!! 🙂 (with Grace 🙂

Timmy, JC, Grace 🙂 Plates all clean! Hahaha!

After getting our stomachs satisfied, we headed to the San Juan Arena.

Funny story.. Timmy, the driver, didn’t really get the directions well from the internet so we were quite clueless where to turn or what road to find. Traffic caused us to rub elbows with other cars. She looked at the car beside ours and asked us “Si Joshua Webb ba yun?” I was not convinced that he is considering that the guy has a tattoo on his arm. (and sa pagkaka-alala ko, walang tattoo si Webb) But Timmy stood by what she said. “Sundan natin baka papunta din siya dun”. We did and turns out, she guessed it right. Si Joshua Webb nga yun and papunta din sya sa arena. We now call him our convoy guy. (Okay medyo funny narin yan para sa amin okay?)

 The Arena in San Juan served as the venue of Fastbreak, a charity basketball game for the Sendong victims. It is the proud brainchild of Ateneo Blue Eagle Kiefer Ravena. Celebrities together with some UAAP, NCAA and PBA superstars played in the event. Among them are Jhong Hilario, Luis Alandy, Marco Alcaraz, Young JV, Jose Manalo, Champ Lui Pio, Ervic Vijandre and Gerald Anderson.

Fastbreak, charity basketball game for Sendong victims  

When it’s basketball, we’re there! What more if it’s for a good cause? Fastbreak’s proceeds will go to our kababayans in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan City. It was an amazing idea for the celebrities and athletes to use their influence in helping our country. It was well attended, considering it was a Friday and hands down for getting some PBA superstars to participate. Sulit ang binayad, nakatulong at nag-enjoy ka pa!

Timmy and Grace were both excited when I told them celebrities will play in Fastbreak. Timmy kept on telling that as long as Gerald Anderson is there, she’s good. Very, very good. The game started and Gerald (close kami hehehehe) is nowhere to be found. Disappointed na si Timmy. A few minutes after the second quarter, Gerald came out from the dug out with his basketball jersey on. EVERYONE IN THE ARENA SCREAMED LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW. (exagg but seriously biglang nabuhay yung arena) I must say that he really is handsome. 🙂 🙂 Pati ako, na walang ka-crush crush sakanya before the ball game, napatili! Hahaha! Solve na kami sa ngiti at shooting niya! Hahahaha! Needless to say, we founded a fans club before we left the Arena. (Free membership!)

After the game, in classic JC, Timmy and Grace fashion, we went after the players! Before, we were still quite shy. Pero ngayon kahit anong harang yan, papasukin namin! May strategy narin kami kung sino ang naka-toka na kukuha ng picture HAHAHAHAHA that’s how we roll on a basketball game 🙂 I love my friends who are willing to be fangirls with me. Here’s the product of our determination (na akyatin ang harang sa may court at dug-out)

WARNING BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THE PICTURES: I am fat. I smile awkwardly when I pose beside superstars. Now that you’ve been warned, you cannot laugh at the pictures below.

I was so happy to finally have a picture taken with a PBA legend. Kinilabutan ako nung makita ko sya! He is the man who scored the most triples in a game (17 3 pointers), the most three point field goals in a career (1,242 triples) and the most points scored in a SINGLE ball game (whopping 79 points). No other than THE TRIGGERMAN OF PHILIPPINE BASKETBALL, ALLAN CAIDIC!

In fairness, ang ganda ng shot! Sa labas ng dug-out! Credits to Timmy for all the photos used in this entry 🙂

Not exactly a favorite, but basta basketball player madali ako mastarstruck e. Ta-dah, The Cebuano Hotshot, THE DON DON HONTIVEROS!!

I asked Timmy how did she spotted Don-Don Hontiveros from afar? “Malaki kasi yung mata nya e” HAHAHAHA May I just add that it’s our 6th sense working when we’re inside a basketball arena. Parang aso lang, malakas umamoy at rumadar HAHAHAHA

My new girl crush, PBA D-League Sportscaster Mav Gonzales! She’s really pretty and very nice, too. 🙂 Look at us, exact opposites!

Here’s some autographs too!

Top to bottom: Allan Caidic, Bong Ravena and D-Hontiveros

It was a fun day catching up with close friends in an event we all love and helped! 🙂

Mabuhay ang Philippine basketball! 🙂


wrapping 2011

My mind is still a swirling mess of depression, giddiness and laughter. 2011 has been a tough year.

2011 reared it’s ugly head early.

My dad was hospitalized for almost a week. A month after, my grandfather (now deceased) was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer. It sucks to be a healthcare professional in such case. Understanding  every diagnostic procedure and knowing every medical term suddenly seemed like a curse.  The worst case scenarios came playing in my head. I remember wishing if I can vanish pronto even for a while, just to keep my mind off these nagging thoughts. It was a difficult period. Nonetheless, I learned that prayer is still our most powerful tool.

2011 may be a tough one, but I still had my fair share of fun moments.

For the majority time, I was a trainee at a government hospital.  I had to endure grueling hours of lectures, return demonstrations and of course, the hospital duty. It was no picnic. I felt sleepy during lecture and wanted to quit in the residency program mid-training. I was shocked with the workload in the hospital. Patients complain, doctors would write down orders with a 5 second interval and consultants need you to know EVERY single thing about your patients. I was on different shifts and my metabolism didn’t benefit. (hint hint: I gained weight)  No matter how stressful things are in the clinical area, everything became bearable because of people you call FRIENDS.

My co-trainees Gaby, Me-An, Cha and Aaron are heaven sent. They are the people who understood my every single rant (duty related) and so they are also the people who talk some sense about it. They’re my contractual siblings (we’re together for a good 6 months) but forever friends.

L to R: Gaby, Cha, Me-An, JC during our sportsfest

I am also forever grateful to our staff nurses who became mentors and good friends. There is truth when they say that “what you read in the books doesn’t always hold true in the real setting”. There is so much more to learn in the clinical area. Still so many techniques, procedures, medications and values to know by heart.

L to R: Gaby, JC, Ming, Allen, Liz, Jolo, Cha

Our proud Team Pedia mini poster 🙂

I can bombard this post with pictures during our wonderful 6 months stay but I’d rather not spill the other pictures which contains the juiciest pedia deets. Too much for you to handle. Hahaha!  🙂

We all need to create a bigger social circle. Together with my pedia family, I have another group of friends who happens to be my schoolmates in college.

L to R: JC, Gaea, Blessy, Ken, Macon, Khaytie, Janet, Gaby

When things in our own respective wards becomes too much to handle, we turn to each other to rant and to devour on Mini Stop Ice Cream. Guess what? It works perfectly! 🙂 I am close to Gaby (since she’s a member of the pedia family too), Ken-Ken (we are a match made in cinemas and food) and Gaea (my long lost sister and now, kasa-kasama kahit saan). I love how we magically turn a fail moment to a laugh fest. They’re my happy duty pills. 🙂

2011 is a monster with two ugly heads. The other one showed up after my residency.

A few months after our residency program, I found myself asking “Now, now.. Where do I go?”  In that moment, I knew something was rotting my system. Logically in the nursing world, after training, one is headed to the hospitals. The real-est of the real world. However, in my heart and mind, the hospital felt like a strange place. I pondered until it dawned on me: I am not happy with the work that I do.

At first, the idea seemed weird. Estudyante palang ako, nagdduty na ako sa hospital. Nagbibigay ng gamot. Nagiinjection, nagsusulat sa chart, nag-aassist sa operation. Bakit ngayon lang “to lumabas? Bakit hindi pa ako nag shift nun pa? Bakit ako nagtagal sa nursing and even bagged honors during graduation?  Believe me when I say na kahit ako, di ko alam isasagot sa sarili kong tanong noong una. Entering college, I was the goal oriented nerd who wants to make her parents proud by bagging a latin honor in graduation. Yan ang naging motivation ko buong college life ko. I never had the time to think about what will happen in the future since I became so stuffed with school load. Next thing I knew, I passed the board exam. Hospital duty bound na ako.

6 months of hospital duty made me realize more that I don’t belong. Although at the back of my head, I know that I already invested so much time, effort and money in nursing. Nasayangan din naman ako. Dumating sa point na nasabi kong pagtitiisan ko nalang. However, I felt that it is not too late to go for something I really want. I do not want to end up with a miserable life. God placed that desire in my heart and He will not do so if He knows I cannot. He will sustain me to achieve it. 

I must have the courage to go for what I want and to take charge with my life. I cannot say that I am perfectly settled with my plans. A lot of work still needs to be done. Knowing what I want is a good first step. Don’t you think?

On that note, let me thank my wonderful friend Kate for being my symphatetic ear during the times I am losing hope. Losing all the sense in the world. Thank you for being with me in this fight. Our dreams will always be connected by prayers. 🙂 Thank you for the encouraging love letter 🙂

Other highlights of 2011 include:

  1. meeting volleyball superstarts Gretchen Ho, Karla Bello, Jam Ferrer, Bea Pascual, Kara Acevedo and Ashley Gosiengfiao (plus sports analyst Boom Gonzales!)
  2. getting back to my original roots: hosting 🙂
  3. attended my elementary reunion (kahit na sasampu lang kami hehehe:)
  4. became a ninang to Liam and Paul (I now have 6 inaanak! 🙂
  5. met Sir Mico Halili, Jason Webb and Rob Labagala last time I watched a Ginebra game live (that’s two highlights right there!)
 Gretchen Ho, the fangirl, Boom Gonzales, Jam Ferrer
my original roots: hosting (wait di naman hosting ito a?)
some of my elementary friends, Charlie”s Burger Ronac Center
like ninang, like godson; chubby Liam 🙂
Little Rob Labagala after a win against Alaska 🙂

2011 gave me (and my few brain cells) a tough time. But I must say, all the crap gave me an opportunity to know myself better. I am better equipped in facing the challenges 2012 may bring.

Ali Edwards, author of One Little Word said that “a single word can be a powerful thing. It can be the ripple in the pond that changes everything. It can be the catalyst for enriching your mind”.  My little word is HAPPINESS (definitely next on the list is awesome). The word may be overrated but at the end of the day, that’s what counts. I want to be happy in all aspects of my life this 2012 and I am boldly claiming it!  I have always believed that happiness can be planned. Choose a happy thought, hold on to it, claim it and let the universe conspire to surprise you.

Cheers to a bigger, better, bolder 2012 🙂


Family is not a word, it is a sentence

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my family! 🙂

We hosted our annual family reunion this year hence an almost complete family picture. This year, paternal relatives decided to implement the color coding scheme per family and we got red. I didn’t even bother to buy a more decent top basta may maisuot, yun na! Hahaha! Kaya sorry naman sa Supernurse kong tshirt! The picture would top my “The Best Pictures Ever” list if my aunt, uncle and cousins came home for Christmas. Sadly, due to work constraints, they weren’t able to join us. 😦

Hindi nga yan best picture ever but yan ang “Best Holiday Picture Ever” (E di parang best picture ever narin) Hahaha! My aunt, who is based in the US, ALWAYS requests for family pictures. The ones we get to send her was always an intimate family picture. As in yung kanya kanyang family lang. We never pull off a complete family picture since some of our relatives are based in Bicol and some are busy with work or school load. So to have this almost-complete picture, PRICELESS. 🙂 And guys, wacky yang picture na yan.. pero bakit ako lang ata ang wacky? Whatcha think?

We may be annoyed with Mom’s nagging errands, argue with Dad’s strict curfew rules or hate our siblings when they fail to refill the water bottle before putting it back to the fridge (true story hahaha!) but WE WILL DROP EVERYTHING WHEN THEY NEED US because that’s what families do.

Family is not a word, it is a sentence.


Two for keeps

Meet my two best buddies, Kate and Gaea!

Kate is a college classmate. We were never in the same clique but managed to maintain a decent level of friendship. To both our surprise, we became co trainees this year! (same hospital, different ward) Since we both live in the heart of Fairview, we often go home together after devouring on Mini Stop ice cream and isaw. That’s not everything into it! After our training, we both found ourselves clueless on where to go. Turns out, we have EXACTLY the same sentiments over our career. Kate and I spent hours talking about our plans. It is such a relief to know that I am not alone. Now, we are the best of friends! She even gave me a “love letter” a week after our job hunting adventures and was deeply touched. I miss you Kate!

Kate + my polka dots umbrella. Cute no? Forgive my always and forever two thumbs up photo pose. Cannot help it.

Yes, yes I know. We’re pretty on the SAME LEVEL, you don’t have to say it out loud. Hahahaha! Gaea is a new found friend. When we met a few months back, I heard a loud CLICK! (That’s a creative way of saying we clicked. Okay, I’m hearing claps and wait, was that a boo? You did not just say that!) We’re a match made in the hospital, the malls and food market. It all started with a conversation. I don’t know why she chose me to listen to her rants and stories but I must say it was a good move on her part. That ranting started our wonderful friendship! Gaea is a friend for keeps. I feel blessed to know that I can always have someone who can talk some sense into me.  🙂

Cheers to a more beautiful friendship!


Saturday Shindig

I hosted a birthday party last Saturday. I had so much fun! Without hesitation, I accepted the invitation right away! When it is something that you love to do, decisions come naturally.

With the birthday celebrant, Dra Nora Martin and the events team! You know I’m happiest when whiskers appear on my face. (Look at photo above) 🙂

And of course, the photobooth! With the awesome events coordinator Ivana, photobooth royal couple Kris Anne and Mark and co-host Jonathan 🙂

I wore a dress with a vintage feel partnered with my now favorite oversized camel cardigan. In fairness, I was comfortable walking around and dancing in this dress! Absolutely a fab find!

Here’s to more hosting opportunities to come!

Such a fun night!


High! Pick me upper post

After reading Bianca Gonzalez’s article about Chris Tiu, my admiration for her went one million notches higher! She writes very direct to the point. It is a light read that it is impossible for someone not to like it! So I tweeted her:

I just had to tweet something to her. I don’t care if she will reply as long as she gets to read my tweet. Actually, one of the things I want before the year ends is a photo opportunity with Bianca. I’ve spotted her a couple of times in Araneta Coliseum during the UAAP games. After the games, I would make my way through the patron section (all the way from the upper box section) to check if she’s still around! Unfortunately, luck was never on my side. Also, I have the magazines where she graced the covers which I plan to make her sign when we see each other. (Close kami? Hehehe)  Siya ang peg ko sa confidence, beauty and brains!  I love Bianca!

Going back to my tweet.. My mom woke me up the next day at 5 in the morning to finish my brother’s project. I was so sleepy that I needed something to perk me up. I decided to check my email inbox for anything. Then I saw a notification saying that “@iamsuperbianca sent you a direct message” I cannot believe it! So I checked my twitter account and hurrah!

I was overwhelmed! I’m so close to tears! Until now, I’m still on a Bianca-sent-me-a-direct-message high! To Bianca, thank you, thank you so much! Your direct message made my week. Seriously. 🙂

Find your pick me upper too! 🙂


old school

I’m proud to say that I’m still in touch with my grade school friends. We managed to meet up last Saturday at Greenhills then moved back to Quezon City. We’re actually 45 plus in our class but only 8 attended so it’s what we call a mini reunion. Hahaha! 🙂

L to R: Kaye, Renel, JC, Jau, Josh, Gabo, Monci plus Jasper as photographer

I never thought that a reunion can be fun even with only 8 people! We all together managed to remember grade school love teams, teachers, mishaps and even share the latest kwentos about our classmates! I was laughing the whole time! After a good one hour, we decided to go somewhere else where we had MORE fun!! 🙂

Hoping for a part two! 🙂